PowerShare Network

Share in the future of collaborative patient care.

Improve patient outcomes, lower costs and increase referrals with PowerShare Network.

The amount of diagnostics performed around the country is growing at a historically rapid pace. To keep up with demand, hospitals must turn to cloud-based medical image sharing networks.

PowerShare Network cloud-based medical image sharing delivers:

  • Easy access to complete patient information from any device
  • Expedited care decisions by reducing redundant exams
  • Image management and access through existing EHR/EMR workflows
  • Minimized costs and IT burdens
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White Paper: The Power to Connect

Complete to immediately download The Power to Connect white paper.

Call 866-986-4832 if you’d like to speak to a PowerShare specialist.

Call 866-986-4832 if you’d like to speak to a PowerShare specialist.

Why join?

PowerShare Network has enabled the exchange of more than 3 billion images by thousands of connected healthcare facilities. By sharing images and reports online, these organizations are improving patient care while reducing reliance on bulky CDs and costly in-house systems.

What PowerShare Network members are saying

"PowerShare will enable physicians to manage inbound imaging through one point of access and login. Physicians in our 11 hospitals and 100-mile radius referral network see this cutting-edge technology as a way to deliver the highest level of patient care."

Deborah Gash Vice President and CIO, Saint Luke’s Health System in Kansas City

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White Paper

The Power to Connect

Explore eight ways a cloud-based medical image sharing network can reduce costs, increase referrals and improve quality of care.
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Proven for today, power for tomorrow

Proven for today, power for tomorrow

PowerShare Image Sharing empowers your organization with the tools needed to deliver better patient care, build virtual care teams, achieve greater financial integrity and drive compliance.

Learn about the features that support today’s shifting healthcare models:

  • Workflow automation
  • Easier collaboration within and beyond your facility
  • EHR,VNA, Enterprise Viewer and PowerScribe 360 integration Security and compliance